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Pebbles, denim and wine for Popes.
Chateau Virgile Rosé 2015.

Château Virgile Costières De Nîmes Rosé 2015 photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • Costières De Nîmes is now part of the Rhône wine area, although wines have been made here for 2000+ years. This delightfully modern aromatic rosé is great by itself or the acidity will wash down rich bites in fashion.
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-07-26.
  • Tags: #rosewine | #france | #rhone | #grenache

Heavy melon ice bucket.

New Belgium Heavy Melon watermelon lime ale in a crafty frozen watermelon ice bucket photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • It's been over 90 degrees for too long now but the good news is local farmers markets are loaded with sweet heavy watermelons. New Belgium's refreshing Heavy Melon ale is also in season. That inspired me to turn one such local watermelon into an ice bucket for the ale.
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-07-25.
  • Tags: #colorado | #seasonal | #summer

Tenn. can beer flight.
Refreshing summer IPAs.

Refreshing Tennessee IPAs in cans: Tailgate Grapefruit, Saw Works Rocky Hop and No Easy Day and Mill Creek Woodshed photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • Thank you brewers for bringing your crafty wares to market in cans. They're a flash to open, they get ice cold fast, they're light to pack along with you, and they're the easiest container to recycle. These four refreshing Tennessee-made IPAs are out there in cans so don't hesitate to ice them down to accompany the summer heat.
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-07-20.
  • Tags: #tennessee | #ipa

Turn on to Tie Dye.

Tie Dye Red 2013, photo by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • Tie Dye Red 2013 is an aromatic "kitchen sink" blend that smells like cherry pie with a puff of whiskey smokiness and cola spice. Very smooth for 14.5% ABV. From Offbeat Brands, makers of Zinphomaniac.
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-07-18.
  • Tags: #redwine | #california

Watermelon lime sauvignon blanc.
A very jolly rosé.

Watermelon lime sauvignon blanc ros&@233; made with Bota Box and Celestial photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • Watermelon is summer and vice versa in the south. When ripe red melon flavor gets with a bunch of citrus tartness you can't help but think of Jolly Ranchers. This wine cocktail is a sophisticated take on that candy, with an amazing nose and dry refreshing finish.
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-07-16.
  • Tags: #sauvignonblanc

Nashville IPAs.

Nashville IPAs - Black Abbey Five Points, Tennessee Brew Works Cutaway Rye, Yazoo Hop Perfect, and Fat Bottom Knock Out, photo by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • It sort of has a ring to it. The IPAs could be the next team in Nashville and now there are plenty of locally brewed players. I recently poured four readily available local IPAs to take a close-up look and taste side-by-side.
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-07-13.
  • Tags: #nashville | #ipa

I've got friends in Merlot places.

The Velvet Devil Merlot 2014 reviewed and photographed by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • The Velvet Devil Merlot 2014 tempts you to pick it up even if you're not sure about hanging out with a Merlot. It's structured like a Bordeaux but with Washington State fruitiness.
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-07-12.
  • Tags: #washington | #merlot

Moonshiners coming to Opry Mills?

Opry Mills Mall located in Donelson area of Nashville photo by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • Smith Creek Moonshine appears ready to operate a distillery, tasting area, and retail shop in Opry Mills mall. Nashville Metro council must approve an amendment to permit artisan distilleries there, and a federal permit and DSP# must be obtained.
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-07-11.
  • Tags: #moonshine | #nashville | #business

Wine on the River is Sept 10th
It's not just wine anymore.

Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge photo by Jerry Hall on Winewaves & More.
  • At this year's Wine on the River, sample wine, beer, and/or spirits specific to 10 different regions spanning the globe. Restaurants featuring culturally themed menus will be serving. Enjoy the soothing sounds of live jazz music and the best view of downtown. Keep your fingers crossed for a beautiful day!
  • Full feature | Posted 2016-07-10.
  • Tags: #nashville

Saucy House Red, 88 points Parker.

Marietta Old Vine Red Lot 63 reviewed on Winewaves & More.

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